Portraits of Presence


As a species, we rarely see ourselves or each other as we are. Our vision is coloured by the filters of the mind: our belief systems, conditioning, and neuroses.

    I encourage my subjects to stay simply as they are, allow for whatever might be happening inside to move and change as we work, and then let themselves be seen

that way.

    My portrait work with people has evolved into an interactive exploration of self image, nonverbal communication, and hopefully an expanded experience of and learning about ourselves in the process. The end ‘result’ is the chosen photographs - the portraits, but it is the process of getting there that is the main event.

    My ambition is to help us to see ourselves more clearly,   as we truly are - behind the habitual masks we wear.


Seeing the Person behind the mask

Photo sessions with Devesh are a delight.  He sees the true spark in a person, evokes it with humor and loving kindness, and translates it into a photographic image with consummate skill.  Devesh doesn't just take pictures of my face, he takes pictures of ME.

Jessica Ryder   

Your images are terrific.

Bill Owen

Devesh has the knack/skill/intuition to photograph a deeper level of a


When/if Devesh photographs you and you look the same inside as you do

outside - congratulations - you are living your truth.

Paul Lowe

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